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Every day over 130 international expert specialists work in the field, carrying out health care, logistical and management activities and training local staff.


EMERGENCY takes full responsibility for clinical, organisational and management activity in our facilities and other health care projects. The process of finding, selecting and employing qualified personnel corresponds with the present needs of the organisation and planned future developments of our humanitarian work.


To become part of the EMERGENCY team you must pass our selection process aimed at evaluating your level of training, professional and technical autonomy, motivation, aptitude and other important requirements.
Before applying for a particular role, check the general requirements and conditions which apply to all the personnel we are looking for: each position then has specific requirements as listed in the individual job descriptions, and which will be presented in further detail at interview and during the period of preparation for the mission.


The professional roles required by the projects and the number of positions available in a given period are decided on the basis of two main criteria: maintaining high standards of care and management at the projects and making the most efficient use of the human and financial resources already available locally.
A shortage of suitable candidates for certain roles, the planned opening of new projects and interventions in emergency humanitarian situations necessitate dedicated or urgent search and selection activities.


For further information and inquiries (not for applications): recruiting@emergency.it


EMERGENCY uses H1Sel e H1HRMS software by EBC Consulting for the selection process and the international staff management.