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EMERGENCY is urgently seeking for physicians.

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Working with EMERGENCY means bringing free, highly-qualified professional medical care to areas hit by conflict or complex health care crises.

"In the hospitals, First Aid Posts and Health Centres that we have built and managed in 16 different countries, we have so far treated over 6 million people, with passion and competence.
These results have been achieved thanks to the efforts of thousands of volunteers in Italy, hundreds of doctors, nurses and technicians with various skills, who have decided to contribute with their professionalism to our missions in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Iraq...
We still need professionals who want to become travelling companions of EMERGENCY on the path of putting the right to be treated into practice, every single day.
It will be an opportunity for an extraordinary human and professional experience for everyone".

-- Gino Strada, MD - surgeon and founder of EMERGENCY


EMERGENCY is always looking for qualified medical, surgical and health care personnel, as well as technicians, administrators and logisticians with expertise in managing health projects. 
We are not only looking for experience, balance, humanity and professional competence, but also strong motivation, availability to spend long periods abroad and the ability to adapt to the working and security protocols established by the organisation.


Once selected, these professionals periodically join our team for a duration of time determined by the clinical and organisational needs of the projects as well as by their own availability.


EMERGENCY is also seeking to work in collaboration with universities, schools of medical specialisation, scientific societies, professional associations and foundations interested in contributing to clinical activity, research, data collection, or in the direct involvement of expert or resident medical staff (resident physicians in Medicine, Surgery and Clinical Services).


Visit our FAQ page where you will find responses to some of the questions we are asked most often.


Our projects include over 30 different professional roles: see the Job Descriptions and find out which positions are currently available, check the general requirements and conditions and then fill in the application form.


For further information and inquiries (not for applications): recruiting@emergency.it


EMERGENCY uses H1Sel e H1HRMS software by EBC Consulting for the selection process and the international staff management.