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Over 8 million people have received free, high quality health care from EMERGENCY.
One in three was a child.

EMERGENCY offers free of charge and high quality health care to war and poverty victims.

In order to assert the right to healthcare for everyone, EMERGENCY:

  1. provides assistance totally free of charge;
  2. guarantees treatment to anyone in need of assistance, without any sort of discrimination;
  3. practices high quality medicine and employs standardized therapeutic and working protocols already tested in emergency situations;
  4. trains local staff thoroughly until complete operational independence is achieved.

EMERGENCY designs, builds and manages through its international staff:

  1. hospitals for victims of war and surgical emergencies;
  2. rehabilitation and social reintegration centres;
  3. first aid posts for emergency treatment;
  4. basic health centres for primary healthcare;
  5. paediatric and maternity centres;
  6. a centre for cardiac surgery.

EMERGENCY's international staff is also committed to the training of national staff.