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We strongly believe that healthcare should be a basic human right. Therefore EMERGENCY:
  1. guarantees treatment to anyone in need of assistance, without any discrimination as to race, colour, sex, religion, social origin or political opinion;
  2. provides high quality assistance and employs standardized therapeutic and work protocols already tested in emergency situations;
  3. trains national staff thoroughly, with the intent of handing over all the health facilities to the local health authorities as soon as self-sustainability can be achieved.
  1. hospitals specifically dedicated to war victims and surgical emergencies;
  2. physical and social rehabilitation centres;
  3. first aid posts for emergency treatment and referral of patients to our surgical centres;
  4. healthcare centres for primary medical assistance;
  5. paediatric clinics;
  6. maternity centres;
  7. outpatient clinics and mobile clinics for migrants and people in need;
  8. centres of medical excellence.

All EMERGENCY facilities are designed, built and run by specialized international personnel, who provide training for local staff.

EMERGENCY practices a medicine based on Human Rights:

our Manifesto for a Human Rights based medicine declares that the "right to be cured" is a fundamental and inalienable right belonging to every member of the human family. Further, it calls for healthcare based on Equality, Quality and Social Responsibility.