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Surgical Centre in Kabul.
Kabul data   

(updated to 30/06/2017)

Out-patients: 113,224
Patients admitted: 43,132
Surgical interventions: 57,846


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In April 2001, EMERGENCY opened its Surgical Centre in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, controlled by Taliban at the time.

EMERGENCY started working in Kabul in 2000, renovating and expanding a former nursery school in the centre of the capital. The structure, which had previously been hit by a rocket that killed five children, was then turned into a Surgical Centre for war victims, and started its clinical activities in April 2001.


In August 2003, a 6-bed intensive care unit was set up. In 2005, a device for computerized tomography (CT) was installed; it is still the only free-of-charge one in Afghanistan.


The Centre is also specialized in trauma surgery. However, since July 2010 the admission criteria have been restricted to war surgery only, in order to meet the needs of the increase of injured patients.


The Kabul Surgical Centre is linked the referral centre for the EMERGENCY's First Aid Posts and Health Centres in Kabul and in the nearby provinces.

The cover of the NYT Magazine issue featuring EMERGENCY

EMERGENCY Ngo's Surgical Centre in Kabul featured in the NYT Magazine
Pacifists in the Cross-Fire: The Kabul Hospital That Treats All Sides
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(May 2012)